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Wednesday, May 18, 2016



KATIE by raynichols on DeviantArt

Saturday, May 14, 2016


ONE of my earliest memories is when i was hit in second grade, by a car... it was a foggy morning and i mean thick fog. The rents were late for work and in a big hurry so i was dropped off in front of the babysitters house and had to cross the street in the fog. I looked both ways but the fog was so thick i could not see anything and so i ran across the street.

As i reached the middle of the road, a car shot across the street in the next lane and my wrist hit the side mirror knocking it off and breaking my left wrist and then i was knocked to the ground and my head was busted open in the back. The rents took me to the hospital a little later where my mother told me not to groan or cry because it would upset the lady who hit me....

 i dont remember much more except being put on a stretcher and put under. they covered my face with a cloth and it got wet and then everything went black....

As i lay on the stretcher or bed or whatever it was, i left my body and floated above it looking down and i could see myself laying there... thats about all there is to tell... i had to get stitches in the back of my head and they put my arm in a cast, and since i was left handed, i couldnt go to school for a while.     
i tried to write with my other hand but it looked terrible.... was out for a few weeks i guess and it hurt for a while... as you get older memories fade and so i tried to write them down. what i can recall at least...